OLD THERMAL BATHS – A plunge in history over two thousand years long, from the Roman Baths to the centuries-old caves that lead to one of the ancient springs, up to the external rooftop pool overlooking the Bormio valley. Unique and timeless emotions via a dive back in history discovering a wellbeing which has no age limit.

NEW BATHS – Over thirty different spa facilities including seven outdoor pools and swimming pool usable twelve months a year in a large, sunny garden. The route begins in the gardens, bathed by warmth and sunlight from the early hours of the morning until sunset. It continues through a modern minimalist tunnel and ends in the art nouveau basement of the hotel. Four sectors, each for a different thermal treatment: starting with the Venus Gardens with their regenerating path that continues to Neptune’s Grotto which offers a detoxifying stage. Jupiter’s Baths then offer a revitalizing hydrotherapy path – and finally the Hercules Bath, a relaxing indoor section. Each section offers you unforgettable moments of harmonious physical and mental wellbeing; the beauty of the natural setting, the scents of nature and woodland melodies provide timeless and unique sensations.

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