Bormio experiences

Today Bormio is a tourist town, but still retains ancient traditions that are the symbol of peasant unity. These include the Pasquali di Bormio, Li Flama di San Lorenz and the Sagra del Predeir. Bormio experiences  are present all year round.

Located at 1,225 meters above sea level, Bormio is located in a large natural amphitheater in the center of the Alps. Characterized by a favorable climate, it allows you to enjoy the mountains in all seasons. The Baths of Bormio are today the symbol that most characterizes it internationally, but since ancient times Bormio has had its importance. Thanks to the strategic border position with numerous passes, it has always been an object of interest in the peoples. The oldest and most characteristic is undoubtedly the Cancano pass, the gateway to the Via Imperiale di Alemagna “

A lot of sports in Bormio

Bormio is also known for its sporting vocation. The Stelvio slope offers one of the most spectacular, technical and difficult slopes in the world, having twice hosted the Alpine Ski World Championships in 1985 and 2005 and many editions of the FIS World Cup. The start of the track is at 2,255 meters and the finish at 1,268 meters. Thanks to the lighting system, the track is also approved for night races. The next 2026 winter Olympics will see Bormio the capital of men’s alpine skiing competitions. But there is not only snow! Quite the contrary. The altitude of Bormio makes it ideal for practicing all types of land and air summer sports. Numerous professional teams from multiple disciplines choose this location for their pre-season retreats. Excellent bormio experiences all year round for you.

Also this year the Giro d’Italia will pass from here with a new stage and goal to the Cancano lakes, it will be an incredible stage, you cannot miss it. Discover the countless itineraries for mountain bike and bicycle lovers.

Bormio experiences