Bormio Bike was founded with the desire to make available to everyone the main GPS mapped paths in the ski resort areas of Livigno, Bormio and Alta Valtellina in the Stelvio National Park, developed with the direct experience of our guides. In addition to this is all the practical information for bikers who want to choose Bormio and Livigno as a leg of their MTB tours. It is not only because Bormio is a strategic base point for the mountain bike trails or bike racing over the famous climbs of the Tour of Italy, but that it also offers guests a wide range of possibilities for relaxation, gastronomy and fun. Also on the site you can find the latest/real time information from the weather stations of Bormio, Santa Caterina and Livigno, so you can program your days better . If you then want to discover the less beaten paths, more fascinating views or add authentic flavor, you can organize an excursion accompanied by a mountain bike guide, one of our staff who will also give technical assistance in case of difficulty

Bormio Bike
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